Hidden Homes Montana

2:1 Buydown with Austin and Holly from Hidden Homes Montana

October 20, 2022

Well hello there folks!

This is Austin Baumgarten and Holly Naldrett with Keller Williams Realty Northwest Montana and Hidden Homes Montana coming to you on vlog day. Today we’re here to talk to you about what’s called a  2:1 buydown. As Hidden Homes Montana sees the shifting market we have going on in Flathead County, and the United States as a whole, we’re trying to stay ahead of the game. We’re always learning more about how to work with lenders, work with sellers, and work with builders to try and find out new solutions to make sure that your home as a seller is selling. And so that as a buyer you have the opportunity to purchase, and have some different options to do that, even with those inflated interest rates. The 2:1 buydown is an option that might work for you. It can be a win win for all. Let us know if you’d like some more information.

Over and out

Austin and Holly