Hidden Homes Montana

Client Appreciation

December 22, 2022

Hey there folks!

Austin Baumgarten here with Keller Williams Realty Northwest Montana and Hidden Homes Montana coming to you on vlog day. This is actually one of the last vlogs of the year and today is a very important day to me. I love doing our Baumgarten Toffee and you’re going to get to witness what goes into making this delicious treat. This is one of my favorite times of the year. I get to make client appreciation gifts and then give those gifts to my family, friends, lenders, and all kinds of folks around the Flathead Valley. It seems to be a hit, that’s why I keep doing it. People ask for it every year! If you’d like a bit of the Baumgarten Toffee go ahead and direct message me or leave a comment and we’d love to deliver some to you.

Have a great holiday season! Thank you so much for watching this awesome little event. I’m going to be making about 28 batches. This is batch number 5 out of 28! Wish me luck!

Over and out!

Austin B.

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