Hidden Homes Montana

Well, Well, Well

April 21, 2022

Well hello folks!

This is Austin Baumgarten with Keller Williams Realty Northwest Montana and Hidden Homes Montana coming to you on vlog day. In this next rural homeowner series we’re going to talk about how to get water if we’re not on a public water utility system. Well, there are wells! And there are different types of wells, or water systems. Nearly all of the water systems that don’t come from public utilities services start with drilling down toward the center of the earth. Let’s go over some important information involving wells.

And with show times both this weekend and next, there’s plenty of time to see a showing of “Daring Giants,” an FVCC Theatre production. On Friday, Rockfish Climbing and Fitness is having their annual Dyno Disco Climbing Competition. Show up dressed in your best disco outfit to win the costume contest! On Saturday get out in nature up in Lone Pine State Park for their orienteering event. You get snacks and a compass, sounds fun!

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Austin B.